Impacts when Cloud Customer 360 was inactive

Cloud Cutomer 360 (CC360) is a Cloud MDM solution from Informatica, it's a Salesforce hosted application so all functionalities are all SF style. In this article I share about what impacts could be happend if CC360 was set to inactive, including integrations with SF API. More

New Tag: SAP

In order to find a global ERP solution I've spent some time to have a trial on SAP, I will put some notes about SAP here from now.


How to run Control Panel tools by typing a command

This article describes how to run Control Panel tools in Windows by typing a command at a command prompt or in the Open box.

Source: Microsoft Support

   Control panel tool             Command
   Accessibility Options          control access.cpl
   Internet Properties            control inetcpl.cpl
   Add New Hardware               control sysdm.cpl add new hardware
   Add/Remove Programs            control appwiz.cpl
   Date/Time Properties           control timedate.cpl

To check if a user has access on a Dynamic NAV table

In Microsoft Dynamic NAV (Navision) there is a table called "Permission" to control if a user has access rights to access tables. Generally system administrators will have SUPER role to access all tables, but normal users can only access specific tables based on their job duties More

SQL - Table name as variable / dynamic SQL

I often query data from multiple companies in Navision ERP package software (one table but multiple branches, I think it's similary in other ERP system that database table names are encoding with company and table name), for example, when checking payment term definition, my sql script looks like this:

select count(*) "Count1" from dbo."Test1 Ltd$Payment Terms"
select count(*) "Count2" from dbo."Hello Ltd$Payment Terms"

Country ISO Code 3166

ISO 3166-1 defines codes for the names of countries, dependent territories, and special areas of geographical interest. ISO 3166-1為國家和地區建立國際認可的代碼,代碼分為3種,即二位字母代碼、三位字母代碼、三位數字代碼。ISO 3166-1為國家和地區建立國際認可的代碼,代碼分為3種,即二位字母代碼、三位字母代碼、三位數字代碼. More

Extract and transform data from NAV using SQL table var

Sometimes I will extract and transform data from NAV using SQL script rather than using ETL tool like SSIS or Informatica Cloud, yes a prerequisite is that I have permissions on database. This article shares some common tips to get and transform data from NAV. I called it "common" because I use it a lot but I need to recall the script very common...


Get Customer Master Attributes using SQL

MDM should be the 1st source to extract customer data to support various business activities. CRM is a major customer data source to be consolidated into MDM system.

I use this script very often to extract customer data from MDM staging area. Yes all account data are synchronized from salesforce to local SQL database already so that I can query data using SQL easily.

Salesforce -> MDM
Siebel -> MDM

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